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The Part That Belongs To Us

In a world that is known to both batter and bruise, it is often quite difficult to see our way out of the pain and hardship. We experience days, weeks, years and sometimes a lifetime filled with the trauma of the isms (sexism, racism, classism...and every other ism imaginable). We have family systems that have taught us beautiful lies, in their inability to face hurtful truths. Some of us have journeyed thru addiction, recovery and relapse. Not just from substances, but victimization, obsessions and denials.

Whether it's finances, weight issues, challenging relationships or spiritual healing...there are many ways that life tries to teach us about US.

So, after navigating, surviving and transcending the myriad of pains and's almost impossible to imagine that WE, US or dare I say I... could ever have any part in the way my life shows us...if it includes negativity.

The mind is incapable of thinking....I did that...if its talking about pain.

But truthfully, we are always 100% responsible for how our lives look...if WE are being authentically ACCOUNTABLE. Yet, accountability and owning our lives, as ours, is one of the hardest things to do.

It's easy to believe that others have power of us. That systems, institutions and those in "authority" have some bit of control over how our lives look. But truthfully, the proverbial buck always begins and ends with us.

So, it's time to explore how we choose and why we choose what we choose. It's time to acknowledge that we have a lot more power than we often elect to see. Or believe. There truly are no victims here. Even in the most tragic of circumstances....our perception, beliefs and intentions decide how we will proceed. And what inner conversation will drive us toward or away from our most powerful self.

So, the next time you are looking at the world....and giving your naysayers, haters and oppressors permission to mess up your day....remember you possess the ultimate power. And you can either utilize it....or continue to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

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