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Why Our Healing Matters

As 2020 continues to unfold, it's becoming apparently clear that we must prioritize our emotional healing. Each day we are confronted with various indignities, affronts, oversights, microaggressions, and painful legacies. Add to that, the violent images of men, women and young adults being assaulted, violated, brutalized and is without question that our senses are being steadily (re)traumatized and battered.

But where do we go for healing ?

As a person who has studied countless forms of wellness, as well as immersed myself in nearly every modality, which proclaims emotional spaces of comfort, one of the truths I am often left with, is "where is a healing space for the black community in this conversation" ? No matter how wonderful the proclaimed process is, I find myself having the same inner dialogue: "So, clearly, this isn't considering the impact of oppression and racism" or " I'm sure that mantra or affirmation won't erase me seeing that brother/sister killed like that" and my most often heard inner chatter "So, you're saying my life (and black folks around the world) are living under oppressive conditions because we attracted, created or thought this suffering into existence" ?

So, after countless times of trying to find something that centered us....I realized that maybe I had to gumbo all this training and create a remix on the current healing modalities.

Welcome to Nativ Elementz.

The time has come to recreate a narrative that includes our experience, our trauma... as well as our resilience. As long as other peoples experience is centered, we will remain invisible... and our trauma will remain unaddressed. Our healing matters. Our stories matters. Our lives have always mattered.

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