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How to embrace life gracefully, gratefully and generously

There is occasionally the belief that words like grace, gratitude and generosity belong to religious communities. And while traditional faith paths include these ideals quite religiously (pun intended) there is still a space for these energies, no matter your spiritual inclination, or lack thereof.

As a mindfulness practitioner, who embraces both Christ consciousness and African cosmology, I have discovered that the concept of grace informs how I move thru the world in various ways.

For me, grace is that divine, sacred influence that inspires me to be a loving being. Not just to the rest of humanity, but to all of creation. It is that unexplainable vibe that creates something powerful in me. It is the root of my resilience, my excellence and my strength. Despite it being a wordless, unspoken makes me who I am, in unfathomable ways.

And what's pretty downright amazing, is that grace, seems to travel with these two close associates, gratitude and generosity.

Without seeing the world thru the lens of gratitude, I'm not sure I could be inspired or inspirational. There is something almost magical about gratitude. One minute life looks bleak, depressing or filled with rage...and then gratitude steps in, and everything looks different.

What was causing me pain, is now a powerful lesson.

What was hurting my heart is now a moment of thanks.

And I'm sure it is the energy of generosity that allows for that shift. It would take generosity to see a persons hurtful action, as a lesson in forgiveness.

It would take a heart of generosity, to see goodness in someone, who may actually not be that yet. It would truly be an outpouring of kindness and self sacrificial giving to see the beauty, innocence, and someone who has truly been unkind and the cause of so much suffering.

Yet the shift from anger (sadness or hurt) to something beautiful is often very uncomfortable.

But there's so much wisdom to be gained from this trio of healers. No matter the circumstance, they come in and recreate life itself. And in place of hardship, they show up with gentleness, compassion and ease. They unify us, and show us how much closer to love we are, than not. It truly would be unforgivable to deny their superpowers, simply because they feel new aged or too old fashioned.

So, the next time you're feeling disconnected, discontented or just at a loss...pause. Seek out the beauty of grace, gratitude and generosity...and see if they will come dance with you.

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