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Missing What We've Never Had

There are times when we all sit back and imagine a life other than the one we currently have. A life that is beautiful and full of magic. The stuff of movies. And everyday miracles. Some of us obsess about a different/better world. And once that desire enters our heart (and mind) that vision can often become our waking quest.

We dream of a stress free existence. A life filled with peace, joy and beauty. A life where humanity is living its full potential. A life where we honor each other and care for each others way of being.

A world where bullying, harsh words and careless conversations no longer exist. A community that puts kindness, compassion and support first.

This world.... that I'm describing, may feel like a fantasy....but truth is, it's very possible.

But only if we heal whats hurting us....

Only if we tell the truth about our trauma. Only if we stop hiding behind the pretense, privilege and posing. Until then...this is what we've got. A fractured beauty, full of potential, full of possibility...but almost always falling short of the inherent greatness that we were born with.

Until we find the courage to be authentically WHOLE. And healed. We are left to miss out on that something we’ve never had.

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